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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a mom of two kiddos B 班班 and A 小愛. When my kids were babies, started speaking Mandarin to them. As I went back to work (a mixture of full-time teaching and part-time or supply teaching) and with the kids being in English-speaking daycare, it gradually became that we spoke more and more English. I started to worry.

We originally had the idea to enroll B in school in Taiwan in the summer of his kindergarten year. Family friends of ours had done something like that to help their son develop stronger foundation in Chinese. I started teaching my son zhuyin/bopomofo, commonly used in Taiwan. He picked it up quick.

When Covid hit, we weren’t going back to Taiwan any time soon. During Covid, my husband and I decided that I would take flexible teaching jobs so that our family can stay safe. I found myself with more time to explore resources and ideas for Chinese learning. I was amazed by the amount of resources out there for parents – why hadn’t I looked before?!

I am thankful for all of the parents who share their Chinese teaching and learning experiences. They helped turn my panic (that we were behind) into productive energy to create a better Mandarin learning environment for A (小愛), B (班班), and C(anadian husband, who has been extremely supportive).

I hope I am able to pay it forward and share experiences to help other parents.

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I am a mom and a teacher (elementary & Special Education) in Canada. My family came from Taiwan and I did 3 years of schooling in Taiwan – this helped me create a foundation for Chinese. After moving to Canada, I continued to have interest in Chinese and was able to keep up with my Chinese. Over the years of teaching, I have noticed that I am forgetting some of my Chinese. Teaching my kiddos Chinese has helped me practise and remember Chinese.

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